10 Software (Apps) For New Laptop Free Edition

Did you just buy a new laptop or PC? Spend much on OS or you still a student that don’t have much money to paid software or apps, here is the list of 10 software or apps that free and you could use it until you have a budget to buy a premium.

  1. IOBit Driver Booster Free Edition
    Wonder why I picks this into list here, it is because I personal use it on my laptop due to when I change to SSD I already install a fresh windows 10 and I don’t waste my time to searching driver one by one instead, download speed on free edition is limit but hey its hassle free.

  2. Chrome
    Better than MS Edge for browse also we use for AIO services that Google provide, the limitation is its use so much ram minimum 8Gb ram for operating in Windows 10 if you open multiple tab but many people have other alternative solution such as Mozilla Firefox.

  3. K Lite Mega Codec
    If you want to watch movie but different extension file don’t worry K Lite Mega Codec get your cover, Mp3, Mp4, MKV with high definition sure it can and its free.

  4. Adobe Reader
    Student and office people need this software to read pdf, as many books, files, and archive use PDF for reading and store the files.

  1. Cloud Storage: Google Drive
    Its 2019 and many cloud provider give so much storage such as Drive by Google for you can store you works or assignments plus many new laptop don’t have much storage as they use SSD for running, plus we can edit spreadsheet, document or view pdf file without software it is cool features.

  2. ShareX
    Many office or student user need to capture what happening in laptop or read an article and want to add to thesis or assignment you need this ShareX which can snip and edit your works or save it.

  3. 7-Zip
    A free archiver that can help you to compile many file to become one folder without tampering it or big file need to be compress this is a job for 7-Zip.

  4. Streamsquid
    An alternative solution to Spotify which need to pay for premium, not as good like Spotify but as long as can hear a current top song I would tap on it.

  5. Avira Free Antivirus
    World wide web is crucial place which a several site offer a phishing ads come with malwares and sometimes viruses they can corrupt OS systems without we know it, it is good to be aware of this thing with free antivirus rather than naked without protection.

  6. Office Suite: Libre Office
    There is an alternative to MS Office which offer similar spreadsheet, document and others not quietly the same but functioning for student plus it can be open at MS Office.

That only for now software or apps which I use every day on my free edition laptop, sometime we need to utilize a free license so that we help them build a good software by give a positive feedback without pay too much on premium software or apps and maybe you also can give donation to show your gratitude.

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