Review: Sandisk 120GB SSD

Recently I reviewed Pioneer 120Gb SSD because the SSD on 11.11 sales and this is the opportunity to tested new brand, for today with the same method I review Sandisk 120Gb that I bought for RM90.00 (USD22.50) on 12.12 sales.

Sandisk known as brand that from the start have own product such as flash drives, memory card and many more.

I use Sandisk 120Gb on my latest hardware that is Thinkpad X240, which refurbished unit from a local company that I get for RM800.00 (USD200.00) without backlight keyboard which I feel quite sad but it is a good unit and rarely used I update on later on this Thinkpad X240.

For testing I freshly install windows 10 Pro which is the heaviest OS from Microsoft, the OS consume yours Processor, Ram and SSD to the max which taking about 15 minutes to complete installation, plus with installation of Microsoft Office 2013, Adobe Reader, K Lite Mega Codec, Chrome total time taking around 30 minutes which is expected from SSD.

It take a longer because bottleneck on current processor speed of my X240, but others I don’t have any problem with this SSD, it is boot fast, even loading for chrome and other application taking a few second to load.


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