Review: No Brand Wireless Gaming Mouse

Today I have another review for No Brand but this time is the wireless gaming mouse, I love to buy things from China. Why? You ask because first they are cheap from branded item and secondly they copy 100% and produce so many.

This wireless gaming mouse is small and fit within pocket, I like to use when I play CS:GO or pair with my Thinkpad for working.

It have 3 DPI from 800, 1200 then 1600 DPI changing for quick preference suit with user experience, for me of course using 1600 DPI for easy to move cursor with a little effort.

It have also one dongle for receiver, and use 2.4Ghz wireless frequency transmission and as far as 10 meter for functionality range.

This mouse using two AAA batteries which for me a default but others wireless mouse is using one AA battery but as long as not using built in I don’t mind at all.

I using it for working such as Excel and using for slide it is respond well with haste of my hand, for gaming such as like CS:GO and Dota2 also no problem with my unit but remember it is use a battery and it can drain your battery depend on your using and I suggest to buy a rechargeable battery with a large capacity.

Support Windows 10 and of course can support old OS but I never try with Mac OS, my unit price for this wireless gaming mouse around from RM10 (USD2.50) with 3 color you can choose.

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