Review: Thinkpad X240

Hey guys, I just get my latest hardware that is Thinkpad X240 for just RM800 (USD200). It is slim and light truly an ultraportable, my unit is refurbished unit from local company that in currently dispose all age 3 years and above due to tax exemption if them buy a new unit.

What is so great about this laptop is first is it cheap and second condition is barely used, Thinkpad is known for have such sturdy and heavy duty laptop also the keyboard are so tactile like mechanical keyboard sadly for backlight keyboard you need to top up a little bit.

I already have tested laptop before this such as Dell, Asus, HP and but I keep coming back for Thinkpad for typing experience and the island U key make it a great for user.

Thinkpad X240 and T440 is slim due to it use Intel BGA processor U series which mean it cannot be upgrade to another processor, plus the cons is having a single slot of memory and of max 8Gb DDR3L (Low Voltage).

It use a bridge battery technology which it have an internal battery and external battery for ultimate standby hour up to 14 hours depend on the usage of user it can be swap when laptop still on, available for 3 cells internal also 3 and 6 cells for external but I never seen 9 cells battery for this laptop except for T440P.

For hard drive I already upgrade to Sandisk 120Gb SSD for now which I also review it later to increase the booting time and faster processing file, one slot for M2 is available but have to sacrifice the modem but for me I using a hotspot which that wifi is use for right.

For IO it have 2 USB, one for USB 3.0 and other is 2.0, VGA port, Lan port, Memory card slot, Simcard slot all that is enough typical user like me to use.

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