Review: No Brand Gaming Mouse Wired

Hey guys welcome back to Sieve Screen,

Recently on 12.12 sales I bought a budget gaming mouse wired for my backup in case my primary mouse break down, I just looking a typical OEM mouse with adjustable DPI and of course ergonomic with my hand.

This mouse don’t have any brand embed on it so I just call it for now is No Brand (will change after I find it brand name).

If you can see this is a typical shape OEM mouse in online apps but for me is to find a cheaper price and have a good function it offer, surprise me this mouse can do gaming as I tested with game such as CS:GO and Dota 2.

The feel of it matte rubberized surface on the clicker make sure your finger have a good touch, the size of this mouse is big it perfect with male user it so ergonomic but as female user I think you have to find a bit small maybe later I will find one to review.

RGB on this mouse is fake don’t buy it if you really want a RGB but for RM17.00 (USD4.25) you get as what you see but I don’t mind for it lighting, the lighting not too bright and if you room is dim you get just nice, mode of the lighting is breathing mode and it change color to what it already program.

This mouse can go up to 3200 DPI which if you have 4K monitor or TV you just move a little and it go as far as you set the DPI, so my monitor is 22 inch and 1080p I just go with 3 click of DPI just good enough to play CS:GO.

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