Review: LDNIO A2405Q Charger

When we all buy a new smartphone, we only get one original charger which we usually left at home. It kinda hard when your battery running low at outside such as an office or maybe on vacation plus not to mention it your power bank also left at home as usual.

For me I like to have one charger that can charge my smartphone or an Iphone which only require different cable and have reliable for quick charging for those have Qualcomm Quick charging 2.0 function.

LDNIO brand which I already using for around one year such as micro USB cable, 4 USB Charger and also this last in my inventory is LDNIO A2405Q charger which have a quick charge feature and compatibility with many smartphone.

This guy can charge my smartphone for around one hour from 20% to 90% which it is fast enough from its other lineup but note that you need place the smartphone to metal or cool surface (if the room temperature is below 25C no need to place it) because of it generate heat and please take this act as precautious.

I usually use this charger as my travel companion because it have low profile and have UK type plug plus I swap the cable with LDNIO micro USB that support 2.4A and data transfer.

Keep in mind this charger only have 2 slots USB which one is for quick and normal charge.

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