Review: Seatay 5.25 inch Hard Drive Bay

Nowadays not many user use a desktop PC as it consume space and it average weight also a part of problem, more modern user use AIO PC or laptop to daily task.

I still use a desktop PC for do some works as I love use mechanical keyboard, it same time I have a multiple 3.5 inch hard drive which have its own purposes, I do have external 2.5 inch as my portable backup.

In terms of keep so much memorial pictures, anime, movies, and video I still prefer storage the all of them in 3.5 inch hard drive because it cheap for TB vs Money.

So I search for hard drive bay which have ability to swap hard drive when I want then I have my choices as Orico give to me a solution that I cannot resist a bit expensive but for this I have to pass and take Seatay 5.25 inch hard drive bay for RM26(USD6.5).

Such a simple and cheap but for me it is function well as I tested for multiple time for all hard drive I have, the thing that I don’t like is it don’t have a ON or OFF button to safely turn on or off when need to swap but if have I already grateful for its price.

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