Review: Tomo 18650 Battery Charger & Power Bank

Until now still I’m impress with China manufacturer because they can do something that in my mind such as an example this brand Tomo manufacture 18650 charger but at the same time become a power bank operate by 18650 Li-Ion battery.

A battery once using to powered laptop now it can be used in many equipment such as mini fan, flashlight, vape and many accessories.

So it essential to have a charger to recharge again the battery, I like Tomo 18650 charger it is because it have many varies for 2 cells slot, 3 cells slot and 4 cells slot, I manage to get 2 cells slot for RM30 (USD4) because easy to carry elsewhere.

Tomo 18650 charger have a green display that show a current chargers remain and it easy to swap with other battery if need to change.

It also have features like reverse polarity protection which will not charge until the polarity is same, overcharge protection, and temperature monitoring which help the battery if to hot when charging.

I just buy a preferred battery recommended by friend and now I been using for multiple time and I’m very sure I love this.

Can share with me if anything similar with Tomo 18650 charger, so I can review and compare.

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