Review: Wireless LAN Card WAE9281

Hey guys welcome back to Sieve Screen,

Nowadays not many people use desktop pc for working because of technology of laptop already surpass desktop in term of raw power even laptop have dedicated workstation.

I still use desktop pc for watching anime, typing, gaming even browse the internet and I use wireless Lan card which already getting cheaper and reliable.

I bought from online store and manufacture from SSU Tech which is obviously from China, I already tested the wireless LAN card for surfing, downloading or even transfer a file from laptop to desktop.

Comes with two antennas which good for receiving and transmitting signal and software you have to download it at internet if still use Windows 7 or other OS but for who use Windows 10, it can auto detected and no worries it is easy to use.

Max speeds of wireless LAN card is 300mbps which to N (450Mbps) range which I think for its price and indoor using is a quite good.

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