Review: Pioneer 120GB SSD

I never heard about brand Pioneer have SSD, which I has bought at last 11.11 sales on RM69 (USD17.25) which I did think twice about to buy and afraid whether is fake or just marketing strategy from China.

So I bought it and when it arrive from delivery I faster tested it, such as relieve to know that this is not a fake or counterfeit.

For testing I freshly install windows 10 Pro which is the heaviest OS from Microsoft, the OS consume yours Processor, Ram and SSD to the max which taking about 15 minutes to complete installation, plus with installation of Microsoft Office 2013, Adobe Reader, K Lite Mega Codec, Chrome total time taking around 30 minutes which is expected from SSD.

It also have a low profile 2.5 inch hard disk case 7mm which is good because modern pc use that size for it hard disk bay, light and I don’t worry about SSD losing data if my hard disk fall to the ground.

The thing I don’t like it is them temperature is quite high for SSD about 45C to 49C which compare to my other brand SSD there temperature around 30C to 35C that without a aluminium casing.

So far as I use the SSD, I don’t yet counter any issue but if there any I will post it here and maybe we will have a discussion about this SSD.

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