Review: GP Recyko+ Rechargeable Batteries

Hi guys, welcome back to sieve screen.

Today I reviewing GP Recyko+ rechargeable batteries that come with promo pack which include pair of AA & AAA batteries size also with USB auto cutoff charger which essential to charge them back when run of juice.

I know today this particular battery did not much need as today many electronic devices already have their own built in battery, but for me I still use bot AA & AAA battery for my gaming & working wireless mouse.

It’s cheaper to buy rechargeable battery rather than buy conventional battery such as alkaline battery like branded Duracell or Energizer which use only one time plus not good for environment.

Show you all what the capacities and how long its can hold up with my daily task such as gaming & working hours, capacity for AA is 1000mAh and AAA is 400mAh which a bit lower than a high drains battery but for me  but it good enough.

AA for charging will take around 6 to 8 hours and AAA will take around 3 to 4 hours using it own charger, but i never try with other conventional charger that can fast charge.

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