Review: Combatwing T20 Mechanical Numpad

Many mechanical keyboard in market that prefer without Tenkeyless or it short name is TKL, have a nice small body and weight, but some people who use a laptop need that numpad without having a 15 inch laptop carry around such as auditor who inside is a gaming person.

So today I reviewing a numpad with a mechanical switch, and I find it cheap I don’t know whether there a glitch at the website last time but I bought it RM20(USD5), usually this stuff around RM50-60(USD12.5-15) lucky me.

Combatwing T20 come with nice package, it have a nice solid metal body with a rubber pad which functioning good at stopping force when typing. The keycap a simple not an ABS type with laser engrave letter but I think they can use an ABS type which will prolong the keycap and not easily wear off.

For the switch it use copy version of Cherry switches and I think Outemu second most popular from another copy like Gateron, I bought for blue switch because Outemu switch not so clicker sound like other copier and I like tactile feedback with click sound.

It USB come with gold plated which I don’t think it make a different with normal plated USB but it cable comes with braided which I like the most because braided cable make cable more professional looking and not easy to spiral when put in the bag.

For me this Combatwing T20 already make me sold for this mechanical numpad as me a lot using a numpad when using a laptop.

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