Review: Pineng 951 Powerbank 10,000 Mah

Today I have a new product that I want to review that is Pineng 951 power bank 10,000 mAh, usually power bank that in the market have a bulky and big size sometime small but low in term capacity.

Pineng is the brand from China that manufacture this product, time to time from bulky which use 18650 cells and until today it have a slim power bank that use Li polymer which improve charge with the same amount of capacity without sacrifice it weight.

This product I have use about one month and I think it worth it with price range that product offer, it is slim can fit into your pocket or small bag, have own cable and also come with lightning tip if you using an Apple products such iphone.

It hold about 3 times charge for charging my Sony Xperia Z5 with capacity 2900 mAh and about 2 times for Xiaomi Redmi 4 with capacity 4100 mAh that my wife smartphone, it is a good power bank which price range about RM35-45(USD8-11) which have a tight budget.

I already bought two for this product which is I need to separate between for work and on the go, to activate it need to shake a bit then indicator will show how much juice still leave or none need to charge around 4 to 5 hours depend on the charger that you using it.

Later i will review for charger and cable that i been using now.

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