Review: Lenovo BM400 Laptop Backpack

Hi guys, welcome back to sieve screen.

Yesterday I already reviewed Tigernu laptop backpack which a reliability is a main issue which is for me it a good catch for money a bit heavy and bulk but it does get job secure with it.

For today let see another laptop backpack which should be in entry level backpack, I introduce you to Lenovo BM400 laptop backpack with price range from RM40+(USD10+).

Lenovo BM400 offer a simple compartment which have two side compartment same as Tigernu T-B3130 but contra in the material and reliability to put laptop in there.

It have no safety feature or shockproof for laptop compartment and it also not waterproof either, more like it only serve the purpose for bring documents or folders, the strap also thin and don’t have any breathable or sponge to compensate the weight like 2kg laptop.

Even the first compartment the divider are make from thin nylon which is if use roughly it will be tear, backpack material are fully from nylon that make it light and good, black and line red accent for are the main theme for this backpack.

My opinion for this backpack obviously waste on my money but I already buy it or maybe I will use it for this backpack it will serve to me as bring documents and folders when dealing some issue at the bank or elsewhere if I not bring laptop with me.

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