Review: Orico 2.5″ Transparent Casing/Enclosure

Hi guys, welcome back to sieve screen.

Today many laptop already come with SSD which is great upgrade for fast boot & loading plus no need to worries about battery life, but that advantage comes with disadvantage which low capacity of storing media, file, application or even game in some of gaming laptop.

For this on my Thinkpad X230 does not come with DVD bay which can convert to drive bay using drive caddy or using M2 drive that cost me a fortune, other 14 inches above can use the DVD bay.

The solution is I bought Orico 2.5 Transparent Casing for my media storage which is already relieve me and give me a freedom to storage anything until 2TB depend on your budget or unused hard drive that when your upgrade to SSD.

Comes with USB 3.0 or USB type B will improve transfer rate much faster than typical USB drive, plus the casing is easy to change with other hard drive just slide down and swap in.

Transparent casing make you can show off your hard drive capacity or SSD depend on yourself but beware if SSD better be careful because in my cases some colleague of mine already got stollen when sitting at coffee house this just my 2 cents.

Here is the info and a few pictures that satisfied your curiosity how beautiful this casing.

Orico 2.5 Casing_1

Orico 2.5 Casing_2

Orico 2.5 Casing_3

Orico 2.5 Casing_4

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