Last week Dota 2 The International 2017 already has been concluded, the winner of TI7 is Team Liquid confront former TI6 winner Newbee once again a giant from China fall and team from EU win.

From upper bracket 4 team from China which LGD, LGD.Forever Young (LFY), Newbee, and iG make higher odd for winning the TI7.

Ti7 Bracket

As can see Team Liquid truly show us the power of true skills player when climbing from lower bracket to semifinal VS LFY with 2-1, Team Liquid losing to LFY in the first game which is I believe is a part of their strategies to win.

For the grand final Team Liquid wins 3-0 to Newbee and show us a great game (not good game it a great game) and gameplay that very skillful, team cooperation and communication in the same page truly a desire to win TI7 along grabbing 10,606,461 USD.

Newbee Vs Team Liquid TI7

Even for myself cannot help to watch their gameplay for over and over again, truly a GG guys well done to Team Liquid and I cannot wait for the next Major tournament to watch a new fight again in November 2017.

Team Liquid 2017

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